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Whether it’s simply repairing a broken light fitting, or designing your entire lighting layout in your new house, we are here to help. With up to date product knowledge on everything to do with LED technology and the latest ceiling fans, you can be confident that we have the right solution for you. We can design an installation for all budgets from simple but effective traditional styled switching systems right up to your smart home where you can control every light from the ease of your lounge using your smart phone.  We are able to supply ceiling fans and lighting or are happy to help guide you in the right direction if you want to do the shopping around yourself.

We are to help you, if it’s an old powerpoint that needs to be replaced or if you have decided you could use a few extra points around the house. 

TV Points & Antenna
If your having issues with your  TV reception or you would like to add some extra TV points throughout the house we are up to the task. We have years of experience with bringing old systems up to the digital age or new installations from scratch.  We also specialise in wall mounting televisions, including the mounting of a powerpoint &  tv point behind the TV and running a HDMI cable or any other associated cables through the wall and down behind your cabinetry. Don’t make the mistake of getting one person to come out to mount your TV, another who can only install the TV point to do that, and then finally an electrician to install the powerpoint. Here at Barco Electrical we have all the relevant licences and competencies to do it all in one visit, saving you time and money.

Phone / Data Points
As the world goes more digital and the rise in internet streaming continues to grow, it’s likely at some point you will want to add additional data points around your home to take full advantage of it. Whether you’ve set up a new home office, or you need to put one in for the kids Xbox behind the TV cabinet we are here to help.

CCTV Installations

If you are looking for some extra security for your home then look no further.  We can provide you with the right CCTV or other security monitors to provide you with the comfort that you need,

Solar System Maintenance
Solar System not working as hard for you as it used to? It might be time for some maintenance. We will clean your panels and test each panel to make sure they are all operating at maximum efficiency.

Switchboard Upgrades
Do you have an old switchboard? If so it’s definitely worth considering a switchboard upgrade in the near future. The switchboard contains circuit breakers that protect the wiring from getting damaged due to too much power going through it and safety switches that will save your life in the event of an electric shock. 

Safety Switches
Need a safety switch installed or replaced or even just tested for your piece of mind? The safety switch is one of the most important components in your entire electrical installation because it is the one thing designed to save your life in the event of an electric shock.  It is recommended by most safety switch manufacturers to test your safety switch every six months.

Smoke Alarms

Did you know that even hard wired smoke alarms only have a lifespan of ten years?

We are here to replace / install and test all smoke alarm installations.

Air Conditioning Installation & Maintenance
We are able to fit your air conditioner in no time.  With years of experience we can find the fault in an existing air conditioner you are having trouble with.

Hot Water System Repairs & Installation
We carry a range of thermostats and elements for critical hot water system repairs.

Oven Repairs & Installation
With years of experience in oven repairs owe will quickly fault find your oven and repair it on the day or order any parts required to get it going again. We will also advise you if we think it is not economically viable to repair the oven.  We are able to install or replace your free standing stove, wall ovens and cooktops. 

24 Hour Emergency Services
We keep a wide range of parts in their vans at all times to ensure we are able to help with 99% of emergency callouts. Whether it’s a loss of power / lighting, the smell of burning electrical or a tree has fallen on your overheads to your house. We are here to help.